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A very friendly atmosphere…

A very friendly atmosphere compliments an abundance of training equipment. At Elite Fitness, you will find people from various strength sports as well as your average gym goer spending time here.

Fred Blaylock

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A true old school gym with a modern twist…

A true old school gym but with a modern twist by offering 24 hour access. The gym is kept clean, and all the members are extremely welcoming.

Jack Howard

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Simply Put

Simply put, Elite Fitness can give to you as much as you are willing to give it. Whether you’re looking to increase muscle mass, tone up or build endurance, Elite could provide you a “one stop shop.

Tommy Ferris

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I Have Been Working Out at Elite Fitness Since the Early 1990’s

I have been working out at Elite Fitness since the early 1990’s when I was in high school. Elite has always had the exact equipment I have needed without having to pay for all of the thrills I haven’t needed.

Anita Shew

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