About Us

Elite Fitness is locally owned and operated by Cornelius and Nicole Parkin and their experienced staff. We are not your typical “corporate facility”, which is usually owned by a larger corporation interested only in the bottom line. We believe that our members are the most important asset to the gym. A club can have state of the art equipment, the best weights and the most trainers, but if the member experience is not satisfying, all of the rest is meaningless. While we do offer excellent equipment and personal trainers, we take pride in our great community atmosphere as well! We do not want to be that club, which has so many members you become a number.


Elite Fitness has been proudly serving the Lake Norman community since 1989 and appreciates our current members as well as potential new members! We believe we have something to offer each individual. Elite welcomes everyone, no matter where you are on your fitness journey.


At Elite we strive to keep our community fit and healthy!